HH-16 Gasifier camping stove Boils water in 2 minutes


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This flexible multi fuel gasifier stove should form an important part of your self-sufficient equipment. Designed to work efficiently with solid fuel, gels and wood off cuts or dry twigs.  You’ll never run out of fuel again. Even make a cup of tea in the back of a supermarket car park or services car park.  Featuring a compact, collapsible design, this multifuel cook stove is built from stainless steel and comprises 6 separate components to heat and cook food and make hot drinks wherever you are. The gasifying combustion chamber  is the most sustainable way of cooking incorporates vent holes with a double walled construction to increase air flow allowing efficient combustion of fuel and gases with little or no smoke, even when using wood. Allows you to boil a large mug of water with only a handful of twigs.

The system packs down neatly and can be stored in the mesh carry pouch (also included). Dimensions – L13cm by W7.5cm (pack size). Weighs – 628 grams. Colour – Steel.


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