HH-3 DRY Compost Toilet with Level Viewer


The HH-3 DRY compost toilet with soft close lid is produced by Good Gardeners International. Designed for boats, canal boats, cabins, glamping, allotments and all off-grid installations AND CAN EASILY REPLACE CHEMICAL PORTALOOS with NO SMELL and soo much cheaper to operate!

This version of the HH-3 DRY compost toilet comes complete with a level viewing port.

Measures 51 cm X 40 cm X 47 cm

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The HH-3 DRY compost toilet is built out of top quality plywood rather than plastic. There is too much plastic in the world and it ends up in the seas and oceans of the world. Sustainable wood manufacture has a far lower carbon footprint. It is suitable for ocean-going conditions or any off grid situation. It comes with 2 buckets and 2 X 6-litre urine bottles which means it is never out of service.

The HH-3 also comes with FREE 10 litres HH-5 SuperFast Activator which means there is NO SMELL without the need for solar power, vent pipes or electrical fans with all your compost toilet endeavours.

  • Instructions
  • Separate the two buckets, you have a spare and a spare urine bottle too
  • with the HH-5 Superfast Medium, cover what you do
  • When the bucket is full fold over the liner and replace the bucket with the spare and place a liner in it.
  • You can either tip this liner onto a compost heap and cover it over or you can bury it.
  • the  urine can be tipped into a wood or along the edge of any filed. It is harmeless to do this.
  • The Liners are pedal bin liners and are available in any supermarket you need the 25 litres size.

The HH-3 wastes no drinking water in flushing, doesn’t smell, uses no electricity, or solar power or need any vent pipes or  turning device.


Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 51 × 42 × 55 cm


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