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A full-cycle growing and sanitation solution.

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What we offer

Safe, effective food growing alongside productive sanitation can offer great solutions and income generation for developing countries. Whilst some solutions can be costly and require a lot of power or expertise to manage, or take a long time to produce anything our HH-3 DRY toilets used in conjunction with the HH-2 prcessors offer a sanitation system that replaces septic tanks, pit latrines and sewage ponds. They generate an optimum world calss fertiliser within 90 days. 
The Economy
Each set of HH-2 can sanitise the  human effluent of up 240 people continuoisly (including MHM). Each set of HH-2 has a life of 20 years. The cost therefore per person for such a sanitation system is 0.02 pence (UK) per week per person + the other benefits of Pest and Disease free crops and also the fertiliser that can be sold in bags, at a higher proce than other fertilisers.

The HH Solution

NGO’s and charities can benefit from using the HH-2 Waste Management System in more ways than one. If used in conjunction with the HH-3 DRY toilet, replacing pit latrines and septic tank systems, an optimum fertiliser can be achieved in 90 days avoiding the contamination of drinking water which causes waterborne diseases. The concept of DRY sanitation thus prevents the breeding of mosquitos and acts as a  herbicide and pesticide within a growing system. So powerful is the fertiliser we produce the need for ploughing the ground is sidestepped saving more money and labour costs.
This will save countless hours and hard-earned money on trying to stop the common day pests and diseases with conventional pesticides which keep on increasing in proce. This also means that children can be relieved of having to weed fields and can go back to school. 
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Appropriate Technology

Our HH-10 wheel hoe is the fastest, hand operated, weed hoeing system on the planet. 

Our Partners

We work with incredible partners to develop and install our HH systems.

Support Us

We work tirelessly to develop solutions to help tackle some of the biggest problems we face – sustainable farming and pollution-free DRY sanitation. With your help, we can accelerate this work.

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