Off-Grid & Sustainable Living

A full-cycle dry sanitation solution for sustainable and off-grid living.

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The Challenge

The general public is becoming more aware of what happens to their waste and wants to do their bit, and rightly so. People are taking to compost toilets in all sectors like never before. Becoming increasingly popular across the board and from canal boats to glamping sites and from festival sites to off-grid living, it is now possible to make a safe and complete fertiliser from your own waste in 90 days, taking the time and worry out of partially composting it. 

The HH Solution

With over 25 years of research, The Good Gardeners can offer not only this transformational service, but also the collection and disposal of female sanitation waste, babies nappies, kitchen waste, pet waste etc, and turn it all into a safe and reliable fertiliser with the power of FUNGI and BACTERIA employed by the HH-2 system. While city sewage systems collect heavy metals from industry in the drains along with the sewage, the off-grid HH-3 DRY toilet and total sanitation system, which needs no electrical hookup or solar power or vent pipes, offers a complete solution to this problem and thus an uncontaminated fertiliser/soil conditioner is the result – which can be used after 90 days.

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Our Products

Learn more and buy the HH-3 system, or trial the miracle compost it produces here.

Our Partners

We work with incredible partners to develop and install our HH systems.

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We work tirelessly to develop solutions to help tackle some of the biggest problems we face – sustainable farming and pollution-free DRY sanitation. With your help, we can accelerate this work.

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