Corona Virus – a threat to the human race

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The world is suffering more from the variants of Corona Virus and we are all open to whatever is going by the systematic lowering of our  immune systems. This can be routed back to soil depletion and the quality of the food we eat toady. The result has been dependence on too many drugs and antibiotics.


The first step is to get away  from corporate industrial monoculture and all that it involves. Any large system of agriculture means food has to be harvested way in advance of demand and stored, processed and sprayed with various things to preserve its life. 

The film from America by Nethaniel Jordan  describes how the depletion of minerals in our food is causing many of the problems we face today in society.  This is just one item that has been completely overlooked in the UK today. The British Government has stated that the mineral content of Europe’s food is practically zero.

Here is another shorter film by him about unhealthy eating. 

With the spread of Corona Virus that originated in China that has jumped from animals to man and the eating of what is considered bush meat by the Chinese.  We have heard from  the BBC World Service that the eating of wild animals is now being banned in China.



hunting elephants for ivory or trophies
Turtles caught for Chinese medicine


Rhinos killed for Chinese medicine

This new law could help affect the dramatic loss of species on the planet. Also the poaching all over Africa and other countries and the selling of body parts of wild animals, that supposedly  enhances human health, for example in Chinese Medicine. is also a huge detrimental contribution to the depletion of species.

Agricultural systems that are solely based on profit and this primitive understanding of health rather than on crop nutrition will and is causing  a threat to the human race.


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