Glyphosate – can’t farm without it?

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BBC RADIO 4 FARMING TODAY  9th April, 2017

Modern farming (Lincolnshire) has gone out of control. Or I should say the black grass problem has gone out of control because of modern farming.

Black grass was never a problem before the use of chemicals, because farmers would change their crop or their soil conditions or their labour force to deal with such a problem. Now it’s about adding simplicity, machinery and toxicity and putting peoples lives at risk from cancer. Today one man farms hundreds of acres and they are not winning the battle!  “Nature is easy to lead but hard to drive” A. Guest, 1949. Forerunner of Good Gardeners International.

The Howard-Higgins technology solves the black grass problem very easily – we have non on our farm. One big plus is that we are a Community Supported Agriculture scheme where there are more people per acre and along with fertile soil black grass can easily be lifted or hoed out with the HHI Wheel Hoe when it is small.  QED.  Contact us for details about the Howard-Higgins System for farming and gardening. Generally weeds don’t like fertile soil, they like infertile soil.

how life proliferates in healthy soil
how modern farming is destroying life in the soil

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