University of Warwick Presentation

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The Warwick presentation made on 24th April, 2017.

Richard Higgins, researcher and farmer entrepreneur, was invited to speak to 15 field scientists at the previous HRI (Horticultural Research International) which has now been taken over by Warwick University and is now known as Warwick HRI. Richard visited there about 15 years ago when he met professor Noble. At that time there was no funding for the type of research Richard was looking for.

Pod cast of his presentation and day there, at the Warwick Crop Centre, on the importance of making a reliable, consistent fertiliser/soil conditioner, completely from waste, that reduces all kinds of pests and diseases in agriculture/horticulture to an absolute minimum and increases crop yields up to 300% AND covering many of the other arrows to the bow of the HH-2 system.





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