The Vegan Debate BBC Farming Today

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The Vegan Debate

Sorry this broadcast seems to have disappeared. In Lieu of this broadcast disappearing I might add that SOME VEGANS EAT HONEY. You can find it on the internet. This is because they believe it is Nature’s arrangement that bees always produce more honey than they need or use. Like any other species of animal that produces anything it is about responsible bee keepers and responsible animal keepers that work with animals and Nature together then no animal is exploited but rather protected. It is man’s duty to protect animals even though ‘man hath dominion over them.’ Animals have been  bred and domesticated by man for millions of years. Originally the idea was to protect them to have a happy world for everyone.

Philosophically if bees do all the work to make honey and you can’t eat that then Vegans should not eat jam or fruits like avocados and almonds which are all pollinated by bees. The question should be about ‘responsible bee keepers ‘               and same goes for the keepers of any other species of animal.

Here is an article from ECO WATCH on how the Avocado industry is harming bees. We should protect bees.

and here’s a video about it. We should be protecting indigenous bees for the future of mankind.








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