Moving into cities

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– Not a good idea.   (by Environmentalist and Visionary, Richard Higgins)


It is said that by the end of this century that many cities will have increased temperatures of up to 8 degrees C. This means that there will be great difficulties living in cities. How will it be made possible to live in these cities – only by exploiting material Nature more and more and more.

Therefore it is a bad idea that architects keep writing books and suggesting that people move into cities and keep trying to design better and better cites. This is not the answer. Architects: please stop suggesting, designing and encouraging people to move into cities.  This is encouraging people to move away from their indigenous culture and forget it and take advantage of western city culture. Also it keeps being stated (BBC) that it is essential that all African people must have access to electricity or else they won’t be able to get educated…..This is also certainly untrue. This is believed to be the case because they are trying to educate them with the wrong stuff……survival into the future is not all about Western culture and how to preserve it. It is about how to survive without it.  While electricity is still here it will be useful to spread the message of how to live without it, such as with the use of this web site, but if, it seems, if one thing goes down like electricity (a hack into power supplies etc.,) then you are going to have much more ‘great difficulties’  when you are shocked to find out what living is like without it.

One programme that we heard recently was all about how because people don’t know about farming any more it will be much easier for them to move into cities to get enough food and medicines etc., This is simply not true. All we have to do is spread the HH-2 system of Agriculture/horticulture around the world and people will automatically be able to produce their own HEALTHY food, operate their own SAFE SANITATION  systems, access SAFE WATER supplies and provide for all the other WILDLIFE and INSECT species that we all require to survive. ALSO fewer politicians would be a good idea. Most of the world’s problems seem to be caused by bad POLITICS and the peoples of the world are prepared and do live peacefully, whatever race or religion they have until politicians come along and stir things up and make a complete mess of things. These are UNQUALIFIED POLITICIANS.

It was also stated on one programme (BBC Radio) that because the soil was so far from being able to produce anything we need it will be better to move into the cities in order to survive. This is simply because they have been doing the wrong system of agriculture for far too long. In other words chemical farming just has to be given up… a lost leader. It might seem from the last entry we made on this archive that SOME scientists are realising that actually we could possibly save humanity by looking at the SOIL.  Well done, this is fantastic news.

SIR TIM SMIT   (founder of the Eden project)   said today that we should see bees as the Doctors of the countryside. If Bee Keepers are responsible they leave the Bees plenty of honey and only take what they don’t use.

Problem with the agricultural subsidies – If you own a lot of land you can get an awful lot of money…..This too is messing things up.

My question is: Why does agriculture need subsidising?
…….”Science around pesticides is confusing. Just taking away certain pesticides without an alternative is not helpful.”


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