Introduction to Permaculture and Low Impact Sustainable Living 24th March, 21st April, 19th May, 23rd June, 21st July, 18th August, 22nd September, 2017

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Course cost:  £50 per person

Course starts at 9.30 and runs till 4.30. Please bring lunch and we will provide hot soup and drinks.


This is truly an Holistic course. This is advanced Permaculture in action. Sustainable Agriculture London says ‘All things from the earth should be returned to the Earth.’ We are the Good Gardeners International (reg. charity)    

Sustainable Agriculture London
sustainable Agriculture London
 Covered: Zones, Moon planting, fruit tree planting, veg planting, fruit bush planting, ground water management, water catchment, recycling of obnoxious wastes, 90 day compost toilets (and how to make human waste disappear in 14 days!) and more. The world has been waiting for these solutions – now here they are!

Many people attend this course with a view to setting up their own farms or communities in different countries of the world. This course covers all the basics you need. You will be inspired by our innovative and low impact systems. We address waste without water! A rare subject these days. The world has reached peak oil, peak phosphorus and potassium and peak water. now we are facing a food crisis world-wide both in quality and supply. By recycling the HH-2 way you can save maximum water and carbon and keep it in the earth. While many people are leaving the land to join cities we are teaching how to stay on the land and become opulent beyond your wildest dreams avoiding unrest and financial collapse.

Produce abundance without chemicals NPK.; have much less work than conventional farming and gardening as we have introduced this technology to the Good Gardeners International who were the original No Dig school.  Combining the two systems we now have the HH-2 Horticultural System.




Sustainable Agriculture London

teaches this dynamic course covering all essential elements of Permaculture

HH -3 compost toilets covered-  (an optional extra)

sustainable Agriculture London

Ethics and principals talked about in informal setting with Richard Higgins who teaches in Africa and  Bermuda. Some practical experience too. We are on an old part of the 120 acre High Canons Estate – informal walks through our 3 acres mature woodland and forest edibles. Compare our one acre of abundance with the bare 100 acre field over the fence. See our Bee hives and our first  pollinators of the year.

View our own design polytunnels with water catchment and rocket stoves that make biochar. Trenched beds for water management.  Approaches from: People Care to Animal Care to Land Care. There is no need to catch, trap or kill any animal or so called pest in the Howard-Higgins Permaculture system! This is true harmony in nature. We have the technology that prevents slugs,snails and caterpillars etc., without doing anything other than optimising soil heath.

Permaculture is the future. Julie Felix is our Patron.

Richard Higgins NDA.,
Course costs:

£50 each, we need 2 persons minimum.

email Richard with your request:  and tell me the date of the course you wish to take.

you can call Richard here:  07983 439 171

when you come to pay for  the course go here which is our Parent Web site, Good Gardeners International. 

and fill in the amount you are paying using your name as a reference. We will be notified automatically and then we will send you directions of how to find us.

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