New Survey’s In Africa and Bermuda

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Two week survey in Bermuda completed with many good outcomes.

Presentations were made to Pecha Kutcha who reach 300 countries. There were 180 present at this meeting. Presentation to 28 invited people at Spirit House, Hamilton was very well received the talk was intended to be for 45 minutes to one hour. The talk went on for 2 hours. Presentation at Botanical Gardens was made also with similar results. Many farmers and growers were visited and all had the same problems. Soil is depletion at an alarming rate. We saw that some fields that were planted had between one quarter and one third seed failure rate. There are no official organic farms on the islands. Most items are sold at four times the price of those in the UK.,

Two week survey in Eastern Uganda completed with many good outcomes.

Meeting with people from the Kingdom of Busoga we proceeded to survey two schools and several villages who are in need of improved nutrition and sanitation. The average age here is 53.    Coming soon to ‘On Location’


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