Micro Organic DRY Flush for compost toilets

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Our SHOP page lists HH-5 SuperFast DRY toilet Activator.  We’re the only charity that cares this much!

We have spent many years developing how to do this. This is  a dehydrated product, or dehydrated to the right stage.

There are no bugs and flies etc., cannot get into it. This is successful – give it a try and you’ll not turn back.

Good Gardeners International DRY Toilets 

            we’re behind you all the way!

With all the disasters with flooding these days. The cost of plumbing in an extension toilet or how to dispose of all your organic waste yourself ….  and make profit from WASTE….  Ask us we’re the experts.

See the Good Gardeners Web site. ggi.org.uk  and it’s cheaper than ebay.

See our SHOP page you can buy it all here – free shipping  in the UK

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