World leading equipment for composting obnoxious wastes + courses

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World leading Composting equipment for Composting obnoxious wastes and Gardening Know How at our partners farm in Lyme Regis this summer. Watch this space.

Topics covered in this world leading course

How to compost any or all of the following

  • Poisonous plants
  • japanese knot weed
  • giant hog weed
  • dock weeds
  • couch grass
  • diseased plant waste
  • chicken manure
  • pig manure
  • pet waste
  • food waste
  • restaurant waste
  • farm waste
  • hospital waste
  • human waste
  • female sanitation waste

This is why this is the best system for disposal at


all safely processed to a pathogen free stabilised state in 14 days.

On Sale in shop in 90 days     because it is stabilised earth     ”The Alchemy of Agriculture”  Richard Higgins

Will stop slugs, snails and caterpillars in your food growing automatically  because it is a scientifically advanced product


All possible with the new revolutionary HH-2 SuperFast Composters

write to us here  for more info and to apply for courses

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