Lentils the worlds most nutritious Fast Food

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The Lentil crop can survive much drier conditions than say Chickpeas but are wiped out periodically by  ”Rust.”  some 20,000 ha were wiped out in 2005 due to infertility which brings on the  disease ”Rust.”

There are 20 thousand varieties of lentils and plant breeders have come up with a more drought resistant variety of lentils which can resist the ”Rust”

At this current time half the worlds traded lentils come from


BUT there is bad news. at 38 minutes Vandana Siva of Navdanya explains the dangers of placing dependancy on one source of  any single crop.

It must be noted that plant pests and diseases are not only solved by ”new varieties” but by soil conditions as well. This is the work of the Good Gardeners along with increased crop diversity in crop rotations.


The United Kingdom





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