Are Drought Resistant Crops the only answer. HH-2 technology would definitely help

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This Guardian article  (written in 2016) says that it is assumed that Drought Resistant seed varieties are the main solution for ensuring increased crop production in Africa, but farmers fear being locked into financial pressure to buy these seeds again and again.

We would add that it is not all about new varieties it is about soil conditions as well.

Kate Fehlenberg of the Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa Seed Scaling Project  says ”Seeds are also only one piece of the puzzle. Other important steps to increase resilience to drought include good farm management, effective irrigation, suitable crop insurance, and the use of crops suited to the local climate and soil.” BUT SHE DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT SOIL CONDITIONS.

Looking at this article and the picture of the Maize farmer in Eastern Kenya we would definitely recommend our HH-2 technology for increasing soil fertility and moisture retention properties of the soil there.

Now in 2023 we see a report from The East Africa Community encouraging the youth of today

This is where our fertility making project would have most impact.


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