Health giving soil and HH-2

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We are receiving more and more enquiries about how to grow healthy food and the HH-2

The Howard-Higgins system, developed over many years, bears a food that is higher in nutritional benefits than conventionally grown food and even conventionally grown organic food. Evidence from the research of the Good Gardeners shows this, and today we find that supermarket food has a greatly reduced shelf life due to nutrient deficiencies (1).
HOW? – HH-2
We know from DEFRA who made a report in 2007 that ‘the keeping properties in vegetables are due to their mineral content.’ Our latest trial with courgettes was that a) we have grown them 22 inches long, by taking our own seed and feeding them with our HH-4 fertiliser/soil conditioner. We have kept one such courgette and over the months it changed colour to bright orange….it lasted for one whole year, and then we consumed it. It had formed some seeds in the core which had to be cut out (Marrow) but it was none the less wonderful. b) By harvesting a very carefully kept store of indigenous weeds on the borders of our farm we are able to harvest minerals that are contained in each specific weed variety and return them in a nutrient available form for food plants via our HH-2 method of waste recycling and waste food recycling and return them to the soil to cultivate with our HH-2 Horticultural System.
Next year
In (2017) it is going to become illegal to send any food waste to landfill. This opens the door of opportunity for HH-2 users to engage in locally recycling these wastes rather than paying to have them sent to landfill or to a distant recycling plant – anaerobic digester.  They will become more popular across the board and they are a small fraction of the cost of biodigesters.
Biodigestors do not claim that their digestate will prevent slugs, snails and caterpillars in a growing system. HH-2 does.


Reference (1)

(2) Their post harvest storage quality, which is critically dependant on mineral content.


19 inch parsnips      hot boxes2016-cabbage



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