Purify contaminated water with vegetable waste

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Our considered opinion of this “new technology”  is NO.

Use the vegetable waste for making fertiliser and do simple water purification by 4 days sedimentation as taught by Victor Schauberger, 1934.

We did this in India with the Ganges water for our six-month stay there building our fertiliser factory in West Bengal. My son was six years old at the time and we cooked all our own food and drank water from the Ganges treated in this way and none of us got ill.

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This system would actually avoid the Arsenic poisoning of  ground water that occurs in deep wells where a rock pyrate can emit Arsenic into the water. We saw many wells closed off with red covers while others were not closed off and the School children that drank from those wells had  the welts on their bodies from the effects of Arsenic poisoning.

We were in India for this period in 1996.

Here is a report on Arsenic poisoning in India 2011








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