HH-2 (Ally) Twin Box Fertiliser Making System

The HH-2 (Ally) system is a new addition to our fertiliser making arsenal. It’s slightly smaller than the original HH-2 system. It is robust, rat proof and fly proof, insulated and lockable with stainless steel fittings. Guaranteed for 20 years. Sold as a pair. Price exclusive of VAT. If you are a small holder who is not registered for VAT please write to us, we can arrange a non VAT sale for you.

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The picture of opened box above is from full, at the 14 day period! It is  slightly smaller than the original version.

The HH-2 Ally is sold in pairs. With a combined capacity 1.76m3 this system generates the right fungi and bacteria, maintains the correct moisture balance which ensures optimum heat curve to produce a world class organic fertiliser. This (Ally) twin Hot Box system will digest all the above wastes in the first 14 day period. These specially insulated Hot Boxes are designed with no moving parts or electrical hook up and produce the remarkable end product HH-4 in 90 days. It  has a life of 20 years+.  All contents have, over 25 years of trialling and testing, a negative pathogen count at the 30 day period.

They are rat proof and fly proof and generate an optimum fertiliser in 90 days. (HH-4) This material has to be applied to the ground without digging or ploughing according to the operators manual available when you purchase the equipment. With this system, yields can be increased from 300-500% from conventional growing systems.

Developed over 25 years and at the Haiti earthquake 2021 where we developed the first urine separator footplate for OXFAM and our HH-3 DRY toilet system. See approval from WEDC water Engineering Development Committee (film available)

Over 20 years this amounts to £21 per month for your own organic fertiliser making machine! If you sell the fertiliser, the equipment can be paid for in 12 months (UK prices), then you will have a FREE fertiliser making machine for 19+ years! It’s so simple… even youngsters can do it!

Comes with free

  • long stem thermometer of your choice F or C
  • encapsulated reusable temperature record charts
  • security bolt as an anti theft device
  • full colour operators manual – the secrets of making fertiliser fast




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