Trees not most efficient for carbon sequestration

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BBC World News with Neal Newness. Date:  March 7th, 2017
Scientists of Sydney’s West End University, Australia:


Therefore the case for HH-2 technology rises yet again as this method of carbon sequestration is therefore compounded to be at least three times greater than can be sequestered by any above ground growth (including trees).


Trees may sequester carbon but they emit it out again through their leaves.


HH-2 makiing HH-4 

while there is a small stream of CO2 released in the manufacturing process. All the carbon that is processed in the end product HH-4 is totally captured in the ground when it is applied.  It is about the generation of fungi and bacteria in the HH-2 system.


This carbon capture is not squandered by ploughing the land (again and again).  This, in conjunction with the manufacture and application of chemical additives, is how most of the carbon today is released into the atmosphere. Therefore properly managed agriculture sequesters large amounts of carbon. QED.

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