50% of trees die on North Wales tree planting initiative

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BBC OPEN COUNTRY announces Today that half of the trees planted on the North Wales project with Asylum seekers and others have died. This is due to the  very fast method they are adopting.

We recommend a different method.

This method involves growing trees from cuttings rather than transplants, although transplants can also be used.


Cuttings are cheaper and faster to obtain over the winter months and when you have laid a layer of cardboard exactly where you want to establish a hedge or an individual tree and you have covered with the common waste – wood chips. You then can easily plant with a crow bar. One plunge with a large crow bar through the wood chip and mulch will establish your new cuttings. We add a small handful of  our HH-4 Plant Medicine into the hole at the same time. This gives the fungal boost that all trees like.

If you come by transplants of trees with a root ball these can easily be planted a little later by waiting for the cardboard  mulch to have rotted then a spade can dig in the new sapling. If you want to plant these sooner you can scrape back the wood chips and cut out a square with a sharp knife and then dig the hole for the root ball. Again adding 50% of the replacement soil with a mixture of our HH-4 Plant Medicine.

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