How wood burning/briquette making is the most sustainable fuel source for cooking

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The BBC World Service have broadcast, yet again, inaccurate information on pollution from cooking fuels. In this statement they didn’t say which Country they were referring to.

”Wood burning  for cooking is more polluting than diesel fumes” they said on December 16, 2023   ”and kills more people than diesel fumes.”

This information is coming from mostly Africa and Asia where households often cook in their kitchens with wood and with no ventilation and no chimney. Even in the UK modern wood burning stoves are allowed to burn wood in Smokless Zones.

If you were to pipe diesel fumes into such a kitchen you would be dead in 20 minutes. This proves the inaccuracy of the BBC statement.

UK stores selling briquettes for sustainable heating 

This video shows how the simple gasifier stove technology used with adequate ventilation produces the most sustainable,  smoke free cooking technology for the Developing World.

At Good Gardeners International we promote and use this advanced cooking technology.

We will be sending this article to the BBC World Service.

We hope they will be more accurate with their blanket statements.

Do You Know About the Health Risks of Exhaust Fumes?

Vodex Ltd › blog › do-you-know-abou…
11 Dec 2019 — However, if the concentration goes up, it can cause death in minutes – less than 3 minutes, if the concentration is 1.28% or higher!

BIOMASS PLANTATIONS provide sustainable fuel for heating and cooking

There are many Biomass plantations being set up utilising fast growing varieties of different tree types. For instance there are over 40 varieties of Willow. Endeavour and Endurance being the fastest growing varieties which can be as much as two feet per year. The White Willow (Salix alba) is native to Europe (including Britain), Asia and north Africa. It is common along rivers and lowland valleys.


At The Good Gardeners Demo Farm at Pontypridd in Wales we are demonstrating the use of Willow plantations and Briquette making as the most sustainable methods of generating heating and cooking fuel.



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  1. Undoubtedly, there is a great deal to learn on this topic. I agree with everything you said. It was all very nicely said. I loved every quote, and I appreciate you sharing the information. Continue inspiring and sharing with others.

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